About Elsa

Elsa was born in Bogota, Colombia. As a child, all Elsa wanted out of life was to become a singer. In 1987 she joined a new rock-pop band named Pasaporte. In 1988, Pasaporte recorded its first album, becoming one of the most successful bands in Colombia. In 1991, after two albums, the band announced an indefinite hiatus. In 1992, Elsa recorded the song ‘Desvanecer’ by Andres Cepeda and his band Poligamia; produced by Paul Tedeschi, the item was included in the first album of this group becoming a radio hit at the time. After this, Elsa took a break and spent several years as part of the club scene in Washington DC, singing guest spots and performing in different places. In spring 2012, Elsa began her solo career releasing her first album “Con Todo El Corazon”, a remarkable piece of art, from the bottom of her heart.

Enjoy it!